Culinary Tours of San Miguel de Allende, México

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Panoramic View of San Miguel

The weather is perfect, often referred to as “Eternal Spring”! In March, the days are warm with NO humidity, and nights are cool and perfect for sleeping. In the evening, light jackets, wraps, and sweaters are perfect. Dressing in layers for the early part of the day is recommended. It may be cool in the mornings, but by mid-afternoon you will find the temperature in the high 70s to 80s…Again, NO humidity!

A perfect trip! —Mr. & Mrs. M.M., St. Petersburg, FL

San Francisco StreetComfortable walking shoes with firm soles (no high heels) are essential on the uneven cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende. Dress is conservative in most Latin cities, but casual chic is always appropriate and you will be staying at a gorgeous, but always casual, boutique hotel. It is rare to see men in jackets and ties, even in the evening. Shorts are practical, but wearing them away from a resort will mark you as a tourist; you rarely see them on the narrow streets of San Miguel de Allende, in restaurants, or even shopping. Bring sunglasses (a must), a sun hat, and a camera. Although you will not need electrical adapters, a surge protector for laptop computers is recommended. Your deluxe accommodations feature cable TV, internet access, and offer massages and other beauty treatments. Rooms are very comfortable with seating areas, large tiled bathrooms, and artisanal Mexican touches everywhere.

Margarita DrinkReading a good book while sipping a Margarita or two from our favorite bartender Roberto around one of the two pools is my idea of heaven—it might be yours, too. Costume jewelry is fine—leave the real stuff at home. Jewelry shops abound, and lovely señoritas on the streets or in cafés offer gorgeous, large, stone turquoise and other exciting necklaces for a fraction of even TJ Maxx’s jewelry counter!  Bargain for price…its part of the fun and no one will be insulted. My partner Alberto can be a great help at this!

Chicken Dish

Don't forget your spirit of adventure and sense of humor and, of course, appetite! Buen Provecho (good appetite)! We will be dining at some of the most beautiful restaurants in México with great chefs, sommeliers, and restaurateurs. Pack lightly and leave room in your suitcase to bring back treasures. San Miguel has incredible shopping, with many upscale clothing shops for men and women, fabulous home ware shops, galleries filled with great art, artisanal pottery, handmade tin mirrors, art glass, and gorgeous items made from German silver, silver, and gold.

One of my favorite shops is stocked with exquisite 100% voile handmade cotton shirts for men and women. The famous San Miguel shoe is a woman’s dream. Sexy, comfortable, and known as “cocktail combat” shoes, they are wonderful when worn with flounced skirts and pants and are almost comfortable on the cobblestones. They come in myriad styles, colors, and heel heights. The shoe clutches your foot and ankle with an elastic strap, offering great support. They are so pretty and comfortable my closet is full of them! I will personally take everyone on a shoe shopping trip!!!


Mexican paper flags


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Mexican paper flags